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The LSU Executive are the leading representative body of the students' union. They are more frequently known as 'The Exec' and are composed of thirteen full-time sabbatical officers, alongside three Development Officers offering their time to LSU on a voluntary basis alongside their studies. The ‘Exec Elections' occur each year in February and March, whereby a new executive is voted in by the students. Candidates release manifestos, compete in 'Bubble Debates' against each other and promote themselves across campus and on social media in hope of being elected. 

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for governing the affairs of the Union, but has a duty to consult and take full account of matters referred from the Student Forum as a student representative body whenever appropriate. It makes key decisions on the Union’s financial strategy, assets and delegations, as well as many other important aspects which affect students. It also monitors and directs the objectives and performance of staff members and ensures legal and regulatory compliance within the Union. 

The Union Affairs Committee works together as a regulating and procedural body for the union’s activities. They are responsible for ensuring that any activities such as elections or appeals are completed in accordance with the Constitution, whilst also keeping the Constitution under review to make sure that it is operating effectively.

There are also a wide range of student-run committees. Loughborough Students' Union has established these in all of Loughborough University's academic departments. The role of these committees is to aid academic-student liaison, enhance academic feedback, increase course involvement and to enhance the Loughborough experience within the departments

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